Office Hours 7:30am – 9:30pm Check in - anytime after 3pm Check out - anytime prior to 10:30am Deposits A deposit of 50% on bookings of up to 3 night stay, and a deposit of 30% on bookings on 3 or more days is required to hold a cottage. Cancellation Policy We hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe during these scary COVID-19 times. We cannot believe how much has changed in the last month. It goes to show you at anytime anything can happen. If you had told us something like this would happen two months ago, we would have thought you were crazy. We know a lot of people who have been laid off and a lot of businesses who are hurting badly. We want to let you know that due to COVID-19, you do not have to worry about our cancellation policy or your deposits. We understand these are crazy times, and everyone needs to stick together and help each other weather the storm. If you have a reservation in the future and are unsure as to whether you should cancel it or not, we want to let you know you don't have to worry about that. You can wait until the very last minute to cancel your reservation and will not lose your deposit due to the COVID-19 virus. You can hold off until we get closer to your reservation to make your decision. Hopefully, by then, things have gotten back to normal, and life can continue. If you wish to cancel your reservation, we do ask that you use your deposit as a credit for a future stay so that we can minimize the impact this virus has on our business. Of course, if that is not an option for you, we will return your deposit even if it is a last-minute cancellation. Again we want to let you know that you DO NOT have to worry about cancellation deadlines or losing your deposits with us. We're here to help make things easier. Payments We do accept the following payment methods, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DEBIT, and CASH. Additional Persons There is an additions charge for more than the specified number of people in each cottage. Ages 2-9 yrs will be an additional charge of $5.00 per night Ages 10 yrs + will be an additional charge of $10.00 per night Pets Allowed All pets are welcomed to enjoy your stay with us. There will be an additional charge of $10/night per dog or cat. Weekly Seasonal Booking We are flexible with our booking schedule, however during the month of July and August bookings are only from Saturday to Saturday. Please refer to the calendars for each cottage to view our current pricing and availability. **Prices do not include HST**